Easy, simple, friendly

Taking care of travelers is at the heart of service CWT provides. We help ensure:

Consistent global service
Access to advanced technology
A personalized experience
CWT’s Traveler Services makes it easy for your travelers to work with us.

CWT’s global Traveler Services organization has been in place since 2008—longer than any other travel management company.

We streamline and recommend choices that make sense for you and your travelers.

By the end of the year, CWT’s global desktop will be in use by 76% of travel counselors worldwide.

Our people are at the heart of our service.

To ensure our people deliver top-quality service, CWT hires and retains the best, offers on-going training and coaching and rewards superior performance.

Our commitment to excellence and personalized service benefits travelers.

When it comes to profile integration experience, CWT leads the way—with a single, non-GDS global travel profile in all booking processes.

We’re all about service—for your company and travelers.

CWT’s travel counselor scorecard allows us to integrate workflow decisions with performance management metrics to help ensure consistently good service.